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Roof Repairs in Alton and the Surrounding Areas
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Should you find yourself with any sort of roofing issue, it’s essential that you have it addressed immediately in order to avoid further problems. We tend to focus on other aspects of our properties, overlooking the roof in favour of external aesthetics. However, it’s vital to assess a roof for damage following severe weather conditions to ensure no tiles or slates have become loose, or tears have occurred in the flat roofing membrane. 

Grand Roof Care provides a wide range of roof repairs for our Alton clients, offering full inspection services for domestic, commercial and industrial properties throughout the areas we cover. If you have any concerns regarding the current state of your roof, contact us today and we’ll arrange to visit you as soon as possible. Our gallery page also contains images of the many roofing services we offer across Surrey and Hampshire.


What Causes Leaks? 

Leaks are the most common problems we face as a roofing company. Regardless of whether a roof is pitched or flat, they cause significant damage to a property’s interior if left alone and can occur as a result of any of the following:

Whatever the reason, the team at Grand Roof Care are here to help. Serving Alton and the surrounding areas, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our clients and carry out thorough inspections prior to and after our roof repairs to guarantee nothing has been overlooked. This is why domestic, commercial and industrial property owners come to us first. 

Don’t Ignore Leaks!

Never think the issue will go away. If you spot a cracked or missing tile in the summer, don’t leave it until the wet winter months to have it repaired. Any water ingress, no matter how small, can cause problems, as outlined below:

Fire Hazards

If water touches any electricity cables in the loft, it could cause them to short and ignite. Remember, your roofing structure consists of a lot of timber trusses and beams so it’s essential to avoid any potential fire risk by having roof repairs carried out immediately. 

Health Risks

Leaks can lead to the development of mildew and black mould which, if ignored, could introduce respiratory problems for your family or workforce. This is extremely serious so shouldn’t be taken lightly. Call our team at Grand Roof Care if you have any concerns.

Structural Damage

If the pointing is failing on the chimney stack, it could cause water to access the interior of your Alton property. Not only could the brickwork crumble, the interior timbers will begin to rot as a result of water ingress. This can lead to potential – and costly – structural issues.

If you’re looking for a reliable roofing company to carry out repairs in Alton or the surrounding areas, talk to us on 07570 104173 today.
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