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Moss Removal in Alton and the Surrounding Areas
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Highly regarded on Checkatrade, Grand Roof Care also offers our growing number of clients a complete and thorough moss removal service for pitched-roof properties throughout Alton and the surrounding areas. Although it may look quite pleasing on the roofs of older properties as it adds to the overall look, behind the scenes it can be responsible for a considerable amount of damage and should be removed immediately. 

Grand Roof Care offers a complete moss removal service for our clients in Alton and the surrounding areas. We also carry out a wide range of roof repairs on tiled and slate roofing systems, as well as flat roofs. From inspections to installations, we’re the company to call for all your roofing needs whether your property is domestic, commercial or industrial. 


What is Moss?

Moss is a plant which grows on the parts of a roof that are shaded from sunlight. As these areas will stay damp for longer, the moss has a chance to flourish and spread. During rainfall, the moss acts like a sponge, absorbing the water and holding onto it until the weight causes part of the plant to break off and fall into the guttering system. The saturated moss will also allow water to seep into the attic space via gaps in the tiles, leading to severe damp problems and structural issues. 

Moss shouldn’t be ignored as it’s prolonged collection of water – and the subsequent issues it will cause – will have a detrimental effect on the longevity of your roof. 

Our Moss Removal Service

We don’t advise trying to remove the moss from your pitched roof due to health and safety concerns. Our team uses specialist ladders and scaffolding systems to access the area in question and remove the moss in an appropriate fashion. 

Using a power hose will certainly dislodge moss but this can cause other problems. Falling moss – which will be heavy from water collection – could fall into the gutter and, if not removed, cause the pipework to break away from its holdings due to the additional weight. Failed guttering also leads to water ingress and potential structural issues. The hose could also shift tiles or slates.

Grand Roof Care will perform a survey of the roof initially to ascertain the best approach. When ready – and all health and safety procedures have been carried out – our team will carefully dislodge the moss using wired brushes. This manual method guarantees to remove the plant without causing any further damage to the roof. We’ll also ensure the gutters are completely clear of any moss or other roofing debris during the cleaning stage of our service. 

Following the moss removal, we’ll clean down the area with a chemical treatment which is designed to prevent the plant from growing back. Our service is completed by a thorough clean of your property using yard brushes and leaf blowers. 

Should our team at Grand Roof Care discover any roofing problems during our moss removal service at your Alton property, we’ll highlight it immediately and discuss the best course of action with you. 

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