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Flat Roofs in Alton and the Surrounding Areas
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Flat roofs come with many advantages domestic clients tend to overlook, associating them with commercial and industrial properties instead. On the contrary, modern day flat roofs are produced using sustainable materials and offer long-lasting benefits for all manner of property styles. As part of our roofing services in Alton and the surrounding areas, Grand Roof Care offers a range of flat roofing systems to suit styles, budgets and personal tastes. Find out what our past and present clients are saying about our installations on our testimonials page.


The Benefits of Flat Roofs

We’ve compiled a list of the main reasons why you should consider a flat roof if you’re having an extension built at your home, or a new roof installed at your premises. Whatever the reason, we’re more than happy to offer advice, based on our 30+ years’ experience in the roofing industry.


The pitch on a flat roof is minimal – only a few degrees in order to allow water to run off it – which makes it easy for us to carry out all manner of roof repairs. As a result routine maintenance or repairs can be performed quickly and efficiently, which cuts down on your costs. 


Known for their durability, flat roofs can last a considerable amount of time. From 25 years for torch-on felt to 50 years for EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass, they are capable of withstanding extreme conditions and well worth their initial installation costs. 

Energy Efficiency

For our Alton clients who value sustainable living and eco-friendly methods, flat roofs are comprised of thermally efficient materials which help to control the temperatures in your home or property. The majority are also impervious to UV filters and completely recyclable. 


The materials used in flat roofs today are not affected by insect infestations or other external factors such as damp caused from overhanging trees or the accumulation of moss and mildew. They won’t break down due to intense heat either. 

Additional Benefits

Flat roofs make the perfect base for decking, especially if your garden area is significantly reduced due to a large house extension or garage conversion. They are also suited for green roofs, improving ecology in urban areas throughout Alton and wider Surrey and Hampshire areas.

Grand Roof Care offers the following flat roofing materials for our domestic, commercial and industrial clients, ensuring all pre- and post-installation methods are carried out correctly and thoroughly inspected and tested before sign off.

Our professional services for flat roofs also include repairs and maintenance, along with replacements of older systems. Call us today for a detailed quotation and installation advice. 

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